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Baby Animals

This new set of Wild Child Essences provides powerful support for facing, embracing, and healing unresolved wounds caused by the hurtful actions of others when we were children (and support for actual children today who have experienced such hurts).

While the first set of Wild Child Essences focused on supporting the natural developmental needs in childhood, and addressing the issues that arise when these basic needs are not met, this second set of Wild Child Essences are designed specifically to support the active healing of unresolved wounds caused by traumatic or abusive experiences and events. These new essences provide gentle, loving support for nurturing our Inner Child, encouraging us to express feelings of anger and pain that have been locked away since childhood, so that we can release them and fully let them go.

How do these differ from the adult essences of the same name? The deepest gift of this set of Wild Child Essences is their ability to go right to our inner depths, to the heart of our deepest child self who was hurt, providing nurturing and support for uncovering and releasing the deep feelings that need to be released in order for healing to occur. These baby animal essences approach the issue from the child’s perspective, assisting the child within us to open up to receiving the necessary support for releasing long held pain.

These essences are equally effective for adults and children and they work especially well in combination with Inner Work and other essences from the Healing Path set.

Badger Cup

Badger Cub essence provides nurturing support for embracing and releasing anger that has been trapped inside from childhood due to unhealed wounds and trauma. For accepting anger as a natural result of being hurt when young. For expressing this deep, repressed anger from childhood in a healthy and empowering way.

For adults:
– Who need support expressing and releasing anger and rage from their childhood.
– Who need to accept and embrace the deep anger from the past that they feel.

For children:
– Who are angry all the time.
– Who need support in feeling and expressing anger about the hurts that they have experienced.
– Who need to become comfortable with their anger instead of being overwhelmed by it or denying it.

Bat Pup

Bat Pup essence provides nurturing support and confidence for traveling with ease into the darkness of the past to face unresolved childhood issues. Nurtures confidence for embracing unhealed wounds and navigating through this challenging work. Provides deep support for healing scary issues from the past. For being carried and supported through the darkness. For embracing that which has been pushed away.

For adults:
– Who need support feeling safe to go into the pain of their childhood and exploring uncomfortable issues that need healing.
– Who need support for going into the deep past of childhood to unlock memories and feelings that have been repressed.
– Supports and accelerates the healing process by helping one to navigate through the darkness of the deep past.

For children: – Who have been the victims of trauma or abuse.
– Who need strength and courage to face and release their pain.
– Who have fear of the dark.

Cygnet (Baby Swan)

Cygnet essence provides nurturing support for feeling and expressing the purity, grace, and divinity of the child we were and who still lives within us. Supports one to experience the pure Grace of Being. For knowing one’s deepest self as Divine and beautiful. Supports experiencing life as an act of Divine Grace. For allowing our Inner Child to feel divinely loved and blessed.

For adults:
– Who as children lost touch with their Divine self, and who need to reconnect with the experience of their Inner Child as one with Divine Grace.
– Who as children lost touch with themselves as beautiful beings.
– Who need to reconnect with their inner life as sacred and blessed.

For children:
– Who have lost their innocence due to trauma and abuse.
– Who need to find reconnect with the fact that they are full of grace and beauty.
– Who need support to feel their connection and oneness with Spirit.

Hippopotamus Calf

Hippopotamus Calf essence provides nurturing support for connecting with and expressing feelings that have been locked inside due to being hurt as a child. Supports one to connect with, feel, and express unexpressed feelings from previous hurts/traumas that need to be released in order for healing to happen. Supports our Inner Child to re-connect with feelings from the past that have been repressed. For releasing resistance to feeling deeply.

For adults:
– Who need to connect with old, unresolved feelings from childhood that need to be healed.
– Who are disconnected from the feeling world of their Inner Child.

For children:
– Who, because of suffering and trauma, have disconnected from how they truly feel.
– Who need to reconnect with their feeling selves.
– Who need to express feelings that need to be released.

Robin Chick

Robin Chick essence provides nurturing support for receiving love and nurturing as we re-parent our Inner Child and heal ourselves. For supporting and allowing our deepest child self to receive nurturing. Releases resistance to allowing oneself to be nurtured deeply. Supports trusting that one will be cared and provided for, and that the Universe is a benevolent and loving place. For being fed at the deepest levels.

For adults:
– Who did not receive the nurturing they needed as a child.
– Who have deep blocks to receiving love and nurturing.
– Who are doing deep Inner Child work.
– Who don’t experience life as a nurturing experience.

For children:
– Whose parents and caregivers are unable to express love to them.
– Who are not receiving the nurturing they need.
– Who are starving from a lack of nurturing (anorexia).

Wild Horse Foal

Wild Horse Foal essence provides nurturing support for embracing and releasing tears of grief that remain from unresolved childhood issues. Supports open-heartedness and gentleness. For embracing the pure, tender heart of the child that lies within, nurturing gentleness and belonging. For deepening into the experience of the heart chakra of our Inner Child. Allows one to tend the broken heart due to childhood wounding, allowing one to feel the pain of this hurt and release it through tears. For being in one’s heart at the deepest level of our being.

For adults:
– Supports releasing unexpressed pain and grief from childhood.
– Whose hearts were hurt/broken as a child and who need to heal those wounds.
– Who want to connect with the open-heartedness of their Inner Child.

For children:
– Who have been deeply hurt and who need to release the pain they are carrying.
– Who need to connect with their pure, open heart.

Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing biedt ondersteuning voor het omhelzen, voelen, en loslaten van woede en pijn die men heeft gedragen toen men gekwetst werd als kind, en voor het weten van de schoonheid en goddelijkheid van ons innerlijke kind.

Inner Child Healing provides support for embracing, feeling, and releasing the anger and pain that one has carried since being hurt as a child, and for knowing the Beauty and Divinity of one’s Inner Child. For tending to our unfinished emotional business. Provides powerful support for journeying inward to express unexpressed feelings from unresolved wounds of the past in order for healing to occur. For reconnecting with the innocence and beauty of childhood. For befriending ourselves in our deepest, most broken places.

This formula includes 6 animal essences:
Hippopotamus Calf ­­
Wild Foal ­­
Badger Cub ­­
Robin Chick ­­
Bat Pup ­­
Cygnet ­­

This combination can be used by any adult or child who has deep, unresolved wounds from being hurt by others as a child.


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