Star Remedies

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Star Remedies – The Conscious Company
Star Remedies is active in both manufacturing and import and distribution of foodsupplements, flower remedies, gem remedies and natural products in the Benelux and throughout Europe. Besides our own products we import and distribute products from abroad. Star Remedies B.V. is active in both national and international fairs. IIn cooperation with CINT Benelux Opleidingen BV we offer the possibility for therapists to be trained as a CINT therapist.

Since our start, Star Remedies B.V. had one goal: delivering high quality products backed by quality service to both retailers, therapists and consumers. Star Remedies B.V. identifies itself fully with its products. The philosophy of Star Remedies B.V. is that we will always be committed to nature and animal-friendly products. Second Star Remedies B.V. strives towards its cusomters to a reputation of integrity and commitment, both in service and quality.

All this is summarized in our motto: You expect quality, we provide quality, a better way of living.